Monday, July 8, 2013

Ahhh-mazing Garage Sale Finds

Last weekend my neighborhood's annual garage sale beckoned... And while I didn't get a ton of JUNK stuff, like I normally do.... I did get a few large items FREE or nearly FREE!!! Who can complain about that? 
Not this girl! 
Here's just a few things I picked up:

Solid oak dining table.  FREE.... Yep, free! 

It was late in the day and when I spotted this table (which ironically, I owned this same piece once upon a time - about 15 years ago).  The family was closing up for the day and it just so happens I have been looking for a table like this (again....) for my dining room. 
Now, from this picture, it doesn't look too bad... but this had to be the GROSSEST table I've ever seen.... All kinds of dried food on it, paint, glitter glue everywhere.....  But the two most important things to me where....
1) Solid Wood & Sturdy = GREAT BONES
2) It was FREE!!!!!!
Next, I found this mirror - and I was actually going to drive by because I thought they'd be asking too much for it....
What you really can't tell from this picture is that this mirror is OVER 6 feet long and 3 feet high.  Yes, it's gold and OF COURSE I will paint it.... But the sheer size makes it amazing to me.... It was $20, which I felt was a steal!  And the edges are beveled to boot!
Then I came across this chair, which I think will get a paint job, then a hold cut in the seat for a planter and a new home outside... 
Best part.... it was a buck! $1....
(Are you starting to understand I'm a bit of a cheapskate and I love me a good deal!!!)

Last but certainly not least.... This chair. 
Again, it's solid and the bones are great!  I haven't refinished an upholstered piece yet, but considering I paid $1 for this one also....(Happy dance!) what have I got to lose????
So, what do you think?  Have you scored any great deals lately?

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