Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Goodbyes and new beginnings...

Last week we had to say goodbye to our beloved dog Chase. He was a Golden Retriever that I adopted 5 years ago from a family on Craigslist when he was 5 years young. Ironically, he and my son Joey shared a birthdate - 7/2/03 and from the first time we brought him home, they shared a special bond.

Chase suffered his first seizure about a year ago. I was home at the time and it happened right in front of Joey and I. It was remarkably more traumatic for each of us than it was for him. He came out of it after about 15 seconds dazed and confused but really no worse for the wear. Just extremely thirsty and tired. The vet confirmed that he had suffered a seizure - maybe not the first, just the first I'd witnessed and he didn't have Epilepsy or require seizure medication.

I did a lot of research after that and found that Golden Retrievers and other large dogs frequently die of cancer. It is very common for tumors to invade their body and brain. Those lesions on the brain can cause epilepsy, stroke, etc. I knew at that time our days with our boy were limited, as he had significantly began to slow down and made a grunting noise each time he laid down. He was a big beautiful boy weighing in at 110 pounds. 

I knew then, that when the time came, I would put him down immediately and humanely. Last Monday morning that time came. 

Joey and I sat in the vet's office, stroking our beloved pet and discussing the horribly, difficult decision to let God take this magnificent creature that had come to be a part of our family and end his suffering. After we took all the time we needed to say our goodbyes I snapped one last photo of the two of them. Poor little Joey - trying to smile with tears in his eyes....

Joey held him in his arms while he peacefully went to sleep. Once Joey cried all he could he smiled because the next day Chase and he were both going to be celebrating their 10th birthdays... Joey here, without his best friend and Chase, in heaven running and playing like a puppy. The thought of that made Joey so happy and comforted. 

I never, ever, in a million years would have imagined that two days later, through a crazy string of events, we would be blessed yet again with another Golden Angel who needed rescuing from a bad situation.

This is 3 year old Tiberious. Ty for short. I can not even express what a darling angel this boy has been. And while he has HUGE paws to fill he has brought joy into our home and hearts again....

We'll miss Chase and will never forget him.... I have his ashes in a lovely urn and a paw print cast in plaster that I will always cherish. 

Goodbye my dear, sweet boy. I wish we had more time together but you would be happy to know that our tears have dried thanks to your beautiful Golden brother Ty.


  1. Oh, so sad. Your son is so brave to hold him while he went to sleep. It is SO HARD to lose a pet! How wonderful to have Ty right after to help east the pain. Visiting you from Sincerely Paula's No Rules Weekend Blog Party and following via GFC!

    1. Thank you AnnMarie....such kind words! Thanks for following me!

  2. How sweet that you have a beautiful new baby to help ease the ache from missing your Chase.

    It's so so so hard to put them down, I know. :(

  3. Very Beautiful furbaby! New follower on GFC and Google+ I hope you enjoy your new baby. Have a wonderful weekend