Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Halloween Tour of my Aunt's home....

Today I want to share pictures of my Aunt's home in California,  along with some of her Halloween decorations.   Her home is so cozy and inviting.... I love it there!

This is the dining room.  Look at those gorgeous pumpkins on the tables! 

Here's another view of the dining room. See the kids table at the bottom of the picture? That's up year round for her grandkids.... And how lucky are they? I see CANDY on the table!
This is the kitchen......
Oh, that chandelier is to die for!

Speaking of the candy on the kids' table..... Look at these little guys guarding it... I'm not completely sure that I trust the pumpkin head in the green sweater...

This is the mantel.  Just beautiful! 

It's so big it can't all fit in the picture! 
Here is is from another angle though....
It's really massive!  Here are some close ups of the cute display in front of the fireplace....

Is it just me or is that creepy little pumpkin head guy in the green shirt hopping around the room? 
The backyard is even done up for Halloween. 
Isn't this a great view?


I love this witch's profile as she looks out the window....

Finally.... I'm going to leave you with this one.... This beautiful woman in the photo is my Grandma....
(one of my grandma's that this blog is named after)
and although she's no longer with us, I wouldn't doubt for a minute that she's behind little pumpkin head jumping around the house!

I hope you enjoyed my Aunt's Halloween decorations
as much as I did! 
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