Thursday, August 29, 2013

No Sew Burlap & Muslin Table Runner

Today I'm sharing a no-sew table runner that I made recently.  They are quite simple to make.  You just need to iron two pieces of fabric together with stitch witchery.

Originally, this table runner started out as a bleached piece of burlap alone, which looked great on the table.  But, in no time, the burlap started to "shed" and the table seemed to be covered in dust.   

So, I thought I'd line the back with some muslin.....the no-sew way.

I started by pulling out the iron, the muslin and the amazing "stitch witchery"

(Awe.....Photo bombed by this cutie!)

I turned all the edges in on each other,  placed the stich witchery in the middle, and then ironed to create the seam - all the way around.  I did this about 18" at a time - but an alternative would be to pin the stitch witchery into place and then iron all at once

Considering I forgot to actually measure the table (who does that?) and just decided to wing it (I always seem to DO that), I think the length turned out okay.  I would have preferred it to be just a little longer.
It doesn't lay as perfectly flat as the burlap alone did - but it's not shedding anymore that's a win!
You can read about this upcycled picture frame to tray here.
Succulents in milk glass = LOVE. 
This runner is going to look great with my fall dé another week, or so!
  I think I may end up painting a couple of vertical blue stripes on it and giving it a "grain sack" look - after the holidays. 
For now, I have a cute little runner that will not shed waiting to be decorated for fall!    
What do you think? 
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  1. I think it is perfect and so simple to do... can't wait to see its fall additions and welcome back....

  2. Thank you Cathy! So happy to be back bloggin and my daughter Bri will be joining me soon!

  3. Great job, it looks lovely!!! And I love your idea to add the blue stripe after the holidays, just might have to copy it!!!!

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    You still have time, the link is still open!!!!

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