Wednesday, November 6, 2013

TRUE LOVE Was Born in a Stable - FREE Printable ART

I'm excited for the rapidly approaching holiday season!
Each year, with the commercialism of Christmas coming at us from every possible angle, like many others, I struggle to keep the true meaning of the holiday at the forefront of my thoughts.    So today, I've created this cute chalkboard printable as a reminder for my family and I where our hearts and thoughts should be centered.

Right click on the image below to save it - then either print from your computer OR what I do is take my "printable art" on a thumb disk to Kinko's and have them print it for me on heavy cardstock.  It Usually takes about 3 minutes and black and white 8x10 prints run about .22 a piece!  Slightly more for color.
CHEAP and EASY art! 

Sharing the love at these fabulous PARTIES!


  1. I love this! Perfect reminder of why we celebrate Christmas. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  2. This is great! Would love to know what the font was used for "love"!


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